Turningpoint Counselling Network (TCN/KVB) – NPO 022-517 aim is to guide clients to understand themselves better. Understanding alone provides the possibility of healing, that can lead to a life that is blessed with a rich and fulfilled relationship with God, self and neighbor. Turning Counseling Network provide non-accredited short mentored programs to equip people and maximize a person’s potential to live fulfilling lives in spite of their circumstances. Turningpoint Counselling Network provide Non-Accredited programs that does not lead to a TCN qualification outcome KBN/TCN does not offer or confer qualifications but issues a proof of course completion and a transcript of the total of short courses which are conferred by Universities such as TICU into recognized credits, and by issuing a qualification (such as Bachelor of Counseling) What is accredited training? Accredited training is training which provides a person with a national qualification on completion. It is also referred as National Recognized training. (SAQA act 1995) What is the difference between a governmental accredited course and a non- accredited course? An accredited course means the course has been evaluated and found to meet strict secular governmental and industry standards. An unaccredited course does not lead to a formal national academic qualification and is not nationally recognized, however it is recognized by many institutions and church bodies in South Africa and abroad. According to the South African constitution, freedom of religion is granted to all religious institutions and therefore Government will not interfere in the activities of the institution and the way involvement is expressed in either gatherings or religious presentations. Even religiously orientated training material is not obliged to carry official government accreditation. TCN/KBN is such a religious non-profitable institution and our mentored programs are exclusively orientated and rooted in the Christian faith through Biblical principles and moral values.